Lawn Care Austin

Clean Air Lawn Care is Austin’s leading full-service sustainable and organic lawn care company. When you sign up for lawn and yard maintenance with Clean Air Lawn Care, you are signing up for the cleanest and healthiest lawn care service available, at a competitive cost. Join our clients across Austin and surrounding Brentwood, Barton Hills, Hyde Park and St. Edwards neighborhoods. They can relax and enjoy their healthy lawns while we care for them!

Lawn Care at Clean Air Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care

Keeping Austin beautiful starts from the ground up, quite literally. Promoting a healthy lawn through Organic lawn care means your lawn does more than make you the envy of your neighbors. Initiatives pioneered by Clean Air utilizes an organic fertilizer and weed treatment program as a chemical free approach to maintaining a healthy and natural lawn.

Our Grassmasters believe creating a naturally healthy, lawn you can be proud of is just the start to repairing our environment and keeping Texas beautiful. You can help keep your community and family safe, starting at your own front door. Traditional fertilizers and pesticides may kill bugs and promote short term boosts in lawn growth, but the overall prolonged damage they cause must be stopped. By switching to organic treatment programs and fertilizer alternatives you can proudly offer your lawn natural compounds. Our programs encourage healthy soil and plant life by letting natural fertilizers do the job they are intended to do – your grass will thank you. Learn more about organic lawn care.

Sustainable Lawn Care

Sustainable lawn care means using clean electric and biodiesel powered equipment for lawn mowing and maintenance that is run on renewable energy. Clean Air Lawn Care’s electric equipment is charged during the day by solar panels mounted on our trucks. Because we’re electric, our equipment is also noticeably quiet. We’re also committed to educating our customers and the public on sustainable lawn care. Learn more about sustainable lawn care.

Professional Lawn Service

Lawn service can vary tremendously. From the neighborhood kid with a lawn mower to the experts at well-known, national companies, there are several things to consider when choosing a particular lawn service. Mainly, what kind of help do you need and what results would you like to see? If you’re interested in transforming your sub-par lawn into a beautifully maintained property, it would be beneficial to choose an established lawn service company that guarantees results. Learn more about professional lawn service.

Yard & Lawn Maintenance

Yard & lawn maintenance from Clean Air Lawn Care means you are hiring a professional lawn maintenance team with a strong grasp on how to cultivate a healthy and natural lawn that is in sync with our unique climate and conditions. Yard maintenance is not one size fits all. We implement best practices specific to our area, your specific property and the changing seasons that affect it. Learn more about lawn & yard maintenance.