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Sustainable Organic Lawn Care Services & Yard Maintenance

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Clean Air Lawn Care Austin is a full-service sustainable and organic lawn care service for residential and small commercial properties in Barton Hills, Hyde Park, St. Edwards, Cedar Park, Avery Ranch, River Place, Jester Hill, Great Hill and Steiner Ranch within the Greater Austin area. Our team is made up of "true believers" that live to promote sustainable practices with solar-powered lawn mowers and organic fertilizer treatments. By working with Clean Air Lawn Care Austin you invest in the health of your lawn, your family and our planet's future.
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Organic Lawn Care and Clean Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing

Why choose Organic Lawn Care? Your Clean Air Austin team are not your average lawn care guys! Your home is serviced by professional landscapers and gardeners that do it all without polluting the environment. We use organic fertilizers, control weeds without toxic chemicals, and use solar-electric equipment or manual hand tools.

Competitive Pricing, Healthy Results

Compared with the dime a dozen, low cost lawn guys out there, Austin Organic Lawn Care prices are actually about the same as others who don’t even compare in quality or attention to detail. Trust in our experience and expert advice to achieve your ideal, healthy, and safe lawn.

Get a FREE Estimate and Begin Making a Difference

Clean Air Lawn Care is an Austin lawn care company founded on the idea that what’s better for the environment is also better for your family. With small gas-powered engines producing 5-10% of pollution in the US every year and synthetic fertilizers leaking into local waterways, traditional methods of lawn maintenance harmful and must end. Contact us for a for FREE Austin, TX organic lawn care Estimate Request.

You Deserve A Healthy, Safe, And Natural Lawn

Organic Lawn Care Services

Clean Air Lawn Care Lawn Care Services
Lawn CareClean Air Lawn Care Austin offers full-service professional lawn care. Our lawn care services include pre-packaged natural lawn care programs or customized services to fit your unique needs. Go to Lawn Care Services.

Go Green. Go Organic.

Come Clean Organic Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareOrganic Lawn CareOur organic fertilizer and weed control, in combination with correct mowing and watering practices, create and maintain a beautiful lawn while respecting your family’s health and the environment. Go to Organic Lawn Care.

Clean Solar-Powered Mowing

Emissions-Free Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareSustainable Lawn CareGas-powered lawn care contributes 5-10% of the nation’s air pollution annually. Each year we prevent over 23,000 lbs of lawn care pollution because our equipment runs on clean solar-power. Calculate the air pollution you'll eliminate with Clean Air Lawn Care.